Tuesday, September 25, 2007

LO: The Big Bus Adventure (right side)

26th August, 2007
We had such a grand adventure today. We drove to Constellation Station in the silver car, and waited for a blue Express bus to come. You put on your sunglasses and walked up and down the platform like Napoleon (one had inside your jacket) until the bus arrived. We all climbed aboard and Daddy paid our fares. You loved the trip into the city, and looked all around as we went on the motorway and across the Auckland Harbour Bridge. We saw lots of things including cars, diggers and trucks at the bus lane construction site and the Sky Tower when we drove over the bridge. When we got to Britomart in the city, we all got off the bus and went down under the ground to look at the trains. You thought they were great and we even got to watch one going off on its journey. Instead of being scared, like when you were little, you loved watching the train pulling away and disappearing down the tunnel with a roar. We had lunch in the foodcourt at Downtown Mall and then went to the waterfront to look at the ferries. Mummy was delighted when we found a shop selling real gelato, and you shared a cup of chocolate and lemon flavours with her. You didn’t like the lemon at all, but you loved the chocolate like any boy should. Back at Britomart, you got to chase the pigeons while we waited for the bus to take us home again. You loved the trip back just as much as the one to the city, and you even got to press the bell to stop the bus.

Background from "Serenity" by Tracy Ann Robinson; stars from "Frippery Stars" by Tracy Ann Robinson; overlay paper from "Perfectly Sheer 2" by Tracy Ann Robinson; journalling paper from "Remember" in the "Memories are Made of This" collection; postage stamp frames from "Covered Stamp Sheets" by Meredith Fenwick; beads from "Iron Beads" by Sophia Sarducci; butterfly from "Sparkly Butterflies" by Amanda Rockwell; bright flower from "Colored Gerberas" by Amanda Rockwell; large flower from "Big Blooms 2" by Janel Kretschman; vertical photo frame from "Multi Photo Vertical" by Nancy Comelab; blue flower and button from "Buttons N Blooms" by Dani Mogstad; font is Jayne Print.

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