Friday, November 16, 2007

Books I Want to Reread, Intro

Last night, while I was reading through my blog feeds, I discovered (through the very interesting SF Signal) that SF author Daniel Keys Moran has a blog. From there I discovered that he is putting most of his fiction online for readers to download. I immediately did a mad download, pulled several .rtf files into the ebook reader on my PDA and realised with a certain horror just how many books I have around the place, both electronic and paper, that I want to reread.

Anyone who has read this blog before has probably figured out that I love books. I love reading books and I have done for years. (My mother claims that I was a difficult child until I learned to read and from then on life was easy because all she had to do was give me a book.) Reading is one skill that has stayed with me most of the time through my CFS, which is a blessing I wouldn't begin to take for granted.

But I do have to rest and sleep a lot, there are times when I just can't focus on the text and I do (believe it or not) have other things in my life. This means I struggle to read all the new books I'm tempted by, and all those favourite books I want to reread tend to get pushed back to "when I have a bit more time".

All the same, I find myself very tempted to put down my current book (ironically a reread, so that I can go on with the series), pick up the PDA and dive into DKM's Emerald Eyes to see if it holds up over time.

In reality, right now I feel more up to mucking about on the computer than reading a detailed book. I have a raging cold, my lungs seem to have this urge to be hacked up my throat and I'm not exactly at my best. So I decided to waste some time making a list of the books/series I want to reread/complete. How long this inspiration will last I have no idea, but let's give it a go.

With the exception of the Daniel Keys Moran books, since they kicked this whole insanity off, books will be listed in no particular order, five at a time.

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