Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dies the Fire by S. M. Stirling

Dies the Fire by S. M. Stirling
An electrical storm over Nantucket causes all electronic devices to cease to function-computers, radio, even firearms-and plunges the world into a darkness humanity is unprepared to face. But as some people band together to help, others are building armies for conquest...
This was my second DNF in a row, and that fact was even more of a disappointment than in the case of Outlander. This was a read for a book group and I'm the one who nominated it. I thought the concept was fascinating - electricity and even firearms stop working for no apparent reason and everyone is left to cope. I got about of a third of the way through and just found myself stopping reading. I don't even know why. It wasn't specifically the characters or the plot or even anything I can pinpoint about the writing style. I just didn't want to go on.

This is the second time I've tried to read Stirling and I had the same reaction then. I started Island in the Sea of Time, where the island of Nantucket gets thrown 3000 years back in time and again, the people have to find a way to survive. (And yes, it does seem the two events are connected and apparently Stirling is starting to show that in his latest book in the series.)

I find this incredibly frustrating, especially since the discussion on my book group suggests the story stayed interesting and thought-provoking. These are books I want to have read, but don't actually want to read. The idea works for me brilliantly, the books themselves don't. So, again I guess I'm just going to have to accept that this author doesn't work for me and move on to something else. A pity, as I still think I'm missing a good story.

Dies the Fire
S. M. Stirling
Did Not Finish

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