Tuesday, November 27, 2007

O is for Ornaments (2006)

Just before Marcus’ first Christmas, I saw these Hallmark tree ornaments in a shop. The baby bear in his jumper was so cute that I succumbed to temptation and bought it. A year later, there the ornaments were again, each one dated with the year it was released. I decided I wanted this to become a tradition and bought the “second Christmas” bear to go on the tree. Now it’s time to decorate the tree for Marcus’ third Christmas and I’ve bought the next bear as well. I gave him the box to open and he was totally delighted by the little “superbear” pretending to fly a rocket ship. He helped me to decide where it should go on the tree - once he was convinced to stop playing with it. The bears only go up to “fifth Christmas” so we only have two more to go, and I will have all five to put on my tree when Marcus is all grown up and moved out, keeping a little bit of his childhood on my Christmas tree. 9th Dec, 2006

"Christmas Warm" by Jofia Devoe
"Ephemerals" by Jofia Devoe
"Happy Island" by Jofia Devoe
multiple frame by Nancy Comelab
"Vintage Frames" by Andrea Burns
"Christmas Trees" by Amy Martin
"Blue Christmas" by Janel Kretschman
"Notables" by K J Conners
"Is For Labels" by Meredith Fenwick
"Folded Notes" by Tracy Ann Robinson

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