Thursday, November 08, 2007

Some days it's not a joke

I called my blog "Saving My Sanity..." with my tongue firmly in my cheek, but with a touch of seriousness because of how much stitching had helped me deal with day to day life with my CFS.

But today, it is totally not a joke.

I've got a bad case of PMS - it tends to make me depressed and feel extremely unable to cope - and a three year old at home who is toilet training. That has been going well overall, but he's slow at getting it. Today he hasn't made it to the potty on time once. I've cleaned the carpet three times, thrown four pair of underpants into the washing machine and DH is working late, meaning it's 7pm and I've got at least another half an hour before he gets home.

In the end I sat down and started stitching. I needed it to calm me down and stop me going into a total hysterical meltdown.

Marcus keeps climbing in the chair behind me and kicking, which is better than when he stands behind me, hugs me round the neck and then lifts his feet so he's hanging off my neck.

(Okay, I'm back from the next clean up now - that makes five pairs of underpants and six wet spots on the carpet. Now he's crying nearly hysterically because I won't put Thomas the Tank Engine on because I'm watching the news.)

I'm so glad I had something to keep me calm enough not to start screaming myself - or yelling at Marcus which isn't good for us both.

Some days just don't want to go well, do they?

(We won't talk about the frogging I had to do because I was half a stitch out. No, we won't.)

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