Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No stitching for me

I've got an outbreak of eczema on my hands and the moment and its reached the point where it is quite painful to close my hands into a fist. So no more stitching for me until it has passed and I can bend my fingers more comfortably.

I sat down at the sewing machine this morning and got set up to do my quilting instead. Since I'm doing it on the machine, I don't really need to bend my fingers. I've got the straight lines all done (it's only a little wall hanging) and now I'm getting up the courage to do the freehand parts. I'm not a great machine quilter, but good enough to go on with. All the same, I get rather nervous as I get to the freestyle sections.

Since I can't cross my own fingers at the moment, if anyone would like to do it for me I'd be grateful.


fiftyfinally said...

you poor thing, i know what that's like. I've had that for like 25 yrs or more and still counting. it only came under control when i moved to a dry dry calgary from a damp british columbia. Who know, if i had known i would have moved here years ago. anything to get rid of the pain and discomfort. Not the mention the feeling of being a criple. I usually get now whenever my latex gloves spring a hole something about the latex, hot water, and skin. i finally found a doctor that actually cares and was determined to help me. I usually go on a week of prednisone (spelling i know is wrong) and antibiotics. That's the combo that works. You should watch what you eat during breakouts. avoid anything that forments, pickles, cheese, wine, anything grown in the dirt, potato carrots etc. anything that may have spores or yeast. I don'tknow if you've had to use creams but they make it worse the next breakout. I also suffered and quilted. I have to wash fabric before using it, the chemical soup on the fabric used to make my hand bleed.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope you can get back to stitching soon. Alpine Seasons is looking fantastic, two more corners to go, WOW!!!