Sunday, December 16, 2007


Man, NZ totally sucks at cricket.

Here we are, at 3/12 after 3 overs.

I talked Dave into getting the digital sports channels over the summer so I could watch the cricket. Normally we leave them off and save the money as neither of us is a great sports fan. Except that I like watching the cricket in summer and stitching.

But right now the only thing I can think is, "I'm paying money for this?"

I guess the less I'm prepared to look up at the disaster, the more stitching I'll get done.


Marg said...

I had completely forgotten that the cricket was even on!

Kerry said...

Sadly, it's not any more. It's been rained out. The weather may be on NZ's side!

Nicki said...

3 for 12!! They seem to be getting worse!