Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Stitching Progress

The Alpine Garden - The Drawn Thread
Stitched on 30-count Moss Green Murano

I started this as a travelling project back in March - about the time I put my big projects on scroll rods - and I've worked on it slowly since then.

I decided to go back to it when I realised I need a break from Alpine Seasons. (The fact both are called "alpine" is a just a coincidence.) I've done the bottom of these bands (mountain violet) in the last few days. The rest was already stitched.

The second and third bands will both be getting beads for the centre of the stitched flowers. The pattern says french knots but I make awful french knots and I'm going to use beads instead. The odds are good that I have some in my stash that will work in each case.

There's another cricket match on this afternoon (which I predict NZ will lose) so I hope to get started on the next section, which is a picture panel of some mountains with flowers around the border.

I love this design, but I'm not particularly enjoying stitching it. There's a lot of empty space between stitches in a particular colour and I don't like carrying my thread across the back too far or across a space where there won't be stitching on top and I have to do that quite a lot. But it looks really pretty when done - I especially like the mountain violet band - so I'm sticking with it.


Nicki said...

It looks great :) I have three of these and I want to do them all as bellpulls some time. Are you using a DMC conversion or the silks?

Kerry said...

Nicki, I'm using the silks. I think I must have bought it with them as there is just enough to stitch it with. I don't remember, I've had it that long!