Sunday, December 16, 2007

Laying it on the Line

Here's my proposed stitching schedule for 2008. I honestly have no idea if I'll be able to keep to this, but I know I want to. When 2008 starts, I'll update my side bar to reflect this.
  1. Wednesdays (except any 5th Wednesdays):
    QS Wednesday with the HAED BB
  2. Second weekend (Fri to Mon):
    Heaven and Earth Designs SAL
  3. Third weekend (Fri to Mon):
    Character Creations SAL
  4. Fourth weekend (Sat and Sun):
    My almost UFOs
  5. Rest of the time:
    Focus projects
  • Focus projects = Alpine Seasons, The Alpine Garden
  • QS = QS Garnet
  • HAED = Defender of the Kingdom
  • CC = Dawn Star
  • Almost UFOs = Dawn Mist at Eilean Donan, The Ice Dragon's Kingdom, Aurora Castle

    It's in the focus projects that I hope to do some smaller designs and get some finishes, while the rest of it is so that I can continue to make a little progress on my current WIPs rather than stopping them completely. And as for QS Garnet, she got added in because I just can't resist her.


Nicki said...

It looks good to me :) Between the two Alpines you should get some finishes soon!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your stitching plan looks great, good luck with it. I love the photo of Marcus, don't they look so angelic when they are sleeping.