Friday, December 14, 2007

Floss Toss for QS Garnet

I made my decision and chose QS Garnet to be my new HAED start. There's a needlework shop near here that is closing this week so I decided to go down there and see if that had any of the threads I was missing and/or some fabric at sale price.

I managed to buy 11/21 threads I needed and a fat quarter of Ash Rose 25-ct Lugana at just over half price. Being that close to having the whole thing kitted, I came home via Spotlight and picked up the rest of the threads. I'm two short as there are two on the pattern (781 and 3773) that simply don't exist on the DMC thread racks here in New Zealand. I have no idea if they exist in the US or if they shouldn't be in the pattern but I'm following up on it.

Since we're going to be going down to my parents' place for Christmas on the 23rd and I'll get to reopen Garnet on the 25th, I'm going to prep the threads and fabric now, take them down with me and make starting Garnet a Christmas treat to myself. It can be my holiday project and then I'll go to stitching it on Wednesdays with the HAED BB stitchalong.

Of course, these are all just plans at the moment. I have lots of good ideas about what and how I'm going to stitch but due to health and my own basic lack of organisation, it doesn't always pan out that day. Still, I enjoy the planning and imagining that I am finally going to be organised.


XineF said...

If you want, I could look for the two DMC colours and mail to you. Would fit into a normal envelope and not cost much at all.

Kerry said...

Oh, that is such a kind offer. Now I don't know what to do. I've found that the colours are indeed available in the US and Canada and discontinued everywhere else. I've been given the substitutes and can use those, but I am tempted to take you up on your offer as I like to have everything just as it is supposed to be. Are you sure it wouldn't be too much of an imposition on my part?

fudgey said...

what pretty colours .. i knew they would look nice laid out ... they will be so much fun to stitch!!

Nicki said...

I'm sure I have loads of 781 that someone kindly sent me once. I don't think I have any fresh skeins of 3773 but you're welcome to some 781. Let me know :)

So pleased you're srating Garnet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry!

I have some 3773 that I'll send in the mail early this week (sorry, I don't have any fresh 781 on hand though.) Hopefully you'll get it pretty quick! Garnet looks like a fun stitch. = )

Carolyn in VA

Kerry said...

Thank you, Carolyn. Christine (XineF above) is sending me a skein, but I wouldn't complain about having two. Hopefully it would mean I'm set for a few projects to come.