Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At the Bride Hunt Ball - Olivia Parker

In many ways, this is a standard romance as the heroine gets caught up in a house party where she is a potential bride for a duke's younger brother. Of course, she catches the attention of the duke instead, he catches hers, and things go from there. All the same, new author Olivia Parker provides a witty and sparkling read that is a cut above the average.

Madelyn is an engaging heroine, far more sensible than many even if she suffers from that fate that has beset more than one heroine who isn't a model of society - clumsiness. Gabriel is also a good hero and their story is a lovely read.

I thoroughly ejoyed this book and recommend it, for all that I don't have a lot of detailed comments to offer. If you want a nice Regency-set historical with a pleasant cast of characters and a solid plot, don't be put off by the title and give this one a look.

At the Bride Hunt Ball
Olivia Parker

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