Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lord of Scoundrels - Loretta Chase

This is a book that is always at the top of "Best Romances" lists, and I suddenly decided I wanted to read it. Hooray for the library, that speedily filled my request.

I really liked the book. I think the heroine, Jessica, is the strongest draw for me. She's smart, fun and strong. She stands up to Dain and is willing to take him on, yet she's also vulnerable in her own way. The chemistry between the couple is excellent and the story progresses very nicely.

I'm sorry that I don't seem to have lots to say about the book, except that it deserves its place on all those lists and if you haven't read it but want a good historical romance with a great couple, then give this one a try.

Lord of Scoundrels
Loretta Chase

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Jace said...

Welcome to the LOS fan club. :-) I read this book ages ago and it remains to this day one of my favourite romances.

I came across your link at Linnea Sinclair's Yahoo Group. Yes, I'm a Linnea fan too. :-) I've read all her books except Zombie Blues and the old titles ... Wintertide and Destiny [something].

I'm thrilled to find another romance reader who's also a cross-stitcher! I've been cross-stitching for close to 24 years, but hadn't been stitching consistently. Between reading and stitching, it's a constant struggle for time.

I'll keep checking back for more of your cross-stitch progress. :-) Looking at your lovely pieces brings back the desire to pick up the needle again. :-)