Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August Releases for Character Creations

Today I'm introducing a new size range called "Petites". These are smaller designs (under 150 stitches across) to make for a quicker stitching project. I've started with five lovely paintings by Nicole Cadet that she sells as ACEO cards (Nicole defines them: ACEO stands for "Art cards, Edition and Originals", miniature works of art that are made to be collected and/or traded). Wonderful model stitcher Lyn has completed Celtic Moon for me, which will give a good indication of how the other four stitch up as well.

Celtic Moon - Nicole Cadet
Regency Fae - Nicole Cadet
Dark Elf - Nicole Cadet
Briar Elf - Nicole Cadet
Handmaiden to the Princess - Nicole Cadet

All five new designs are available at a 12.5% discount for the next 10 days. (I know it's a funny percentge, but it works out at $1 off the regular price in US dollars.)

I've had a number of people send me photos of their stitching lately. I'll be working on updating the gallery next. I'll also add all the pictures onto the Bulletin Board. Do take a moment to pop over to the board and say hello.

Check out what's new here.

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Erin said...

They are beautiful! And just my size, too! LOL Love the Celtic Moon especially.