Thursday, August 24, 2006

Succumbing to temptation

I went across town today to catch up with some friends today. Since I was near my favourite bookshop and I knew they'd had a new shipment in lately, Marcus and I called in there on our way (okay, slightly beyond our way).

There were a couple of books there that were on my "want to buy" list, so I decided to use up my last two gift vouchers (I asked for gift vouchers for my birthday back in March) on them.

I've decided to push all new books to the top of the TBR pile and read them as I get them, in an attempt to stop the backlog growing. Books that have already waited for ages can wait a bit longer, and I'll work on keeping up with new ones and catching up on the others in between.

I bought "Blood and Iron" by Elizabeth Bear, which I thought looked fascinating when I first heard about it on her livejournal and "Mysteria" which is an anthology of short - and apparently rather silly - stories. I read the excerpt from Susan Grant's offering on her website while looking for more info on her new series and thought it sounded fun. Since it was there on the shelf, I brought it home.


So I'm trying to concentrate of "Yay, new books!" rather than "oh no, more books to find time to read".

I haven't written comments for everything I've finished lately as some days I haven't felt up to it, but I am keeping the sidebar updated and my reading list is now available at Library Thing.

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