Monday, August 07, 2006

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish
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Made using Traci's sketch from the Ezine release party at Scrapmommies.

All the papers are from Jen Reed's A Baby Boy Story kit (both the original and the updated versions). Fonts are Hanky Pankee and Genius of Crack.

Sheepworld 17th April, 2005
Daddy and I took you to Sheepworld today. It's a tourist farm just north of Warkworth where they have lots of animals that can be fed and petted, as well as a show with dogs rounding up sheep, sheep shearing, goat milking and even a duck race. You had so much fun. You loved all the animals and you weren't the tiniest bit scared of any of them. You tried to touch all the animals - even if you did almost poke out a donkey's eye - and you laughed and thought it was all great fun. You made friends with this goat and just giggled when it tried to eat your shoes. We have lots of lovely photos from the day, but it is this one, with you laughing and showing your dimples that is my very favourite. We promise to take you back to Sheepworld again when you are older and can appreciate it even more.

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