Saturday, February 17, 2007

Character Creations Stitch-A-Long

Some of the lovely ladies over on the Character Creations BB have set up a SAL for CC designs for the third weekend of the month.

So I have pulled out my Dawn Star and I'm currently working on the top of Mel's head.

I decided about 10 days ago to try yet another version of a rotation. I'm still to find something that works for me, but I guess each option I discard is something I don't have to try again.

Anyway, I decided that I would work on a focus project during the week. That project will be on the scroll frame and be an over-2 project. Right now it is Alpine Seasons and my goal is to keep that the focus until it is finished. After that I'll probably go to Mirabilia's Cinderella.

Much as I just love my over-1 art conversion WIPs (that's Defender of the Kingdom, Dawn Star and Aries), I've found that a couple of days at a time is a good amount for me to work on so I'm going to do those on the weekends. I've set up a schedule that keeps Dawn Star on the SAL weekend and overall gives me two weekends on Dawn Star, two on Defender and, if there's a fifth weekend any month, I'll work on Aries.

So I stopped work on Alpine last night (I've just begun with the first lot of trees in part 9) and pulled out Dawn Star this morning. However, I've found that the weekend doesn't necessarily provide a lot of stitching time since everyone is home. Given that NZ is in the first time zone in the world, I've decided to make my "weekend" be Sunday and Monday as that way I get one day on my over-1 projects where I have the house to myself. As long as I don't need to sleep for the day (something I often need to do on Mondays) it should work out well.

I'll aim to post a picture of the current status of Alpine and my weekend's progress on Dawn Star on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're getting yourself very organized about your stitching :)