Saturday, February 17, 2007

Playing the blog game

I'm playing the From Our Blog to Yours game with Sweet Shoppe Designs again this week.

There were two questions posted over there for answering.

1. What are you doing this weekend?

My quick and cheeky response is "as little as possible". Being in New Zealand Saturday is almost over as I finally get organised enough to type this, but that's okay. We did have a pretty laid back day today.

I got my "Ford Prefect" layout done which was satisfying.

We took Marcus to the park in the hope there would be enough wind to fly a kite, but there wasn't. He played on the equipment at the park - he even had a swing which is a major, major achievement for a little boy who used to scream if put in a swing. We then went for a bit of a drive and once we came home Dave and Marcus went swimming. While they did that, I did a bit of stitching and watched the latest episode of "Bones".

There's cricket on tomorrow - the next NZ vs. Australia match being played here in Auckland. My goal is to laze around and watch it and do some more stitching, but of course, whether or not that happens will probably depend on Marcus.

2. What other hobbies do you have as well as scrapbooking?

Well, this is my craft blog (I have a livejournal as well and each one reaches a different audience, so I try to at least vaguely keep up with them both) and anyone who has read it for a while we know that scrapbooking is my latest obsession but it is most certainly not my only one.

I've been an obsessed cross stitcher since I was seventeen, and that's a long time ago now! For anyone who wants to go and look, I have a gallery page that has older finished projects and links to my current galleries on Flickr.

After getting a job in an embroidery and patchwork store, I learned patchwork and while it isn't an obsession, it's something I still enjoy and I make a quilt now and then - the latest being "Marcus' Very Quick Bed Quilt".

I'm an avid and obsessed reader as well - mostly SF/fantasy - and I have lots of good intentions about posting about the books I read here, but I'm afraid I don't necessarily keep it up and that's why I put the Library Thing widget in the sidebar, since I use that as my reading list.

I've tried my hand at a few other crafting things in my time, but these are the things that have "stuck". I'll actually be perfectly happy not to add anything else as I don't enough time or energy as it is these days.

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