Monday, June 02, 2008

Flying Monkeys - Glory Bee

I stitched this little quickie up for Dave to put up in his cubicle at work. I still have to frame it (maybe I'll be inspired tonight) but I'm really pleased how it came out.

It technically used a set of variegated threads that I couldn't justify buying for such a small piece. I was all set to use the DMC equivalents when I realised that most of the colours matched the Carrie's Creation threads I had for Book of Ink Circles, so I used those and I'm delighted with how it came out.


Nancy said...

I am using less and less WDW's and subbing other nicer less expensive colors. Your subs look great and no one would see the difference!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your colours look great. I love Book of Ink Circles, it is looking wonderful.

Anonymous said...

BOINK is really coming along nicely. Congrats on the finish.

Kim said...

I love the flying monkey's pattern. Where did you get it? Is it part of a larger book. I would love to stitch this one up for my desk at work! LOL!!! I would love it if you would email me the information of where I can find this pattern! My email is:
kimmery4 at yahoo dot com
Thanks so much
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