Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Stitching Rotation

I've been feeling the lure of my BAPs in the last few days. I can hear them, calling softly (but progressively more loudly) in the background.

So I decided "what the heck" and I've changed my rotation to include my two main BAPs in it.
I don't have a good record with rotations - I just use one for as long as it suits me and then change it, so I have no qualms about making the change.

1st week of the month: Focus project
2nd week: Defender of the Kingdom (HAED)
3rd week: Focus project
4th week: Dawn Star (CC)
Rest of the month: Focus project

Hopefully this will let me get in a bit on both my smaller and bigger projects.

I've taken a photo of where I'm up to on Lago Maggiore (update with pic after I've got it off the camera later today), then packed it awayand taken out Dawn Star. It feels so nice to be stitching on it again. As much as I'm enjoying all these variegated threads, it's nice to pull out a length of plain old DMC for a change.

As always, everything is subject to changes in health or whim, but I'm hoping I'll be able to stick at this one for a while and make some progress on all three projects.

And for anyone not up with stitching acronyms; BAP - Big Ass Project. ie. something that is going to take ages to complete. In the cases of these two, we're definitely talking years.

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