Thursday, October 09, 2008

A finish

I finished Sampler del Lago Maggiore last night. I'm delighted with how it turned out and since it's a Christmas present (for my parents who visited Lake Maggiore last year - and they know about it as Mum helped me pay for the GAST threads) it's nice to be finished with plenty of time to spare.

Sampler del Lago Maggiore
GPA Designs
Started: 1 June, 2008
Finished: 8 October, 2008
Stitched on 32-count Belfast linen (not sure of the colour)


fudgey said...

be still my heart!
it is stunningly beautiful
and some 1x1 in there as well !
congratulations on an awesome finish!

Tama said...

oh, how pretty! and nice that your parents will appreciate it!!!

Nicki said...

Congratulations! It looks great and your pareents will love it I am sure :)