Friday, October 03, 2008

Thieves and assassins

I've been reading through my blog feeds and noticed the continuation of a trend.

Lots of books where the hero and/or heroine is either a thief, an assassin or both.

With a few exceptions, I hate these books. If I read a blurb that mentions either word (or "con man/woman" for that matter), I immediately turn off. Maybe I'm missing some good books (after all, I loved Robin Hobb's Fitz books) but I don't really care.

Now you might, if you work at it, convince me about thieves. But how do you make a hero or heroine out of someone who kills people for a living? And the whole point of a con is essentially to make a fool out of someone - usually a nice, ordinary someone. As a person who hates feeling like I've been a fool, I'm not prepared to read that either.

Why is this such an "in" theme in books at present?


Anonymous said...

It didn't really register with me, who has a gazillion book blogs in my reader, but you're right. Those words have been coming up a lot in titles. I don't have an answer. I guess crime does pay. ;)

Personally while I work at a bookstore and do keep up with the current trends, it's not what I read. I read whatever catches my "fancy" and those "in" books aren't doing it.

Anonymous said...

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Maree said...

Hi Kerry :) Just to let you know that I nominated you for an "I heart your blog" award ... and I really, really, really do, I promise, have something to send you. But I've been attacked by the procrastination fairy.