Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Boy

Marcus is NOT a good eater.  We had had battles, frustrations and attempted bribes galore to get him to eat.  The current plan is a star/reward chart with set goals for him as he earns his stars.

Last night, by eating his dinner and then not screaming or yelling when his hair was washed, he earned enough stars for a WALL-E toy he has been lusting after.

It took trips to two toy shops to find the exact one he wanted, but we did and there is now a very happy boy playing with his new treasure.



Anonymous said...

We did similar things with charts and stars. I think that son#1 got something for no daytime "accidents" and son#2 for not waking us up at night for some period of time. For some behaviours and kids, works wonderfully.

kay said...

Another good idea, if you haved the space and time is to grow some veggies yourself and let Marcus help you. My daughter did this and her son (aged 5) now eats all veggies.

She also tried him with new veg that he hadn't already eaten and just insisted that he tried one piece which usually went onto another etc.