Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Character Creations Designs for the Winter Olympics

In honour of the Winter Olympics, I'm releasing Arthur Wardle's "The Lure of the North" early. Purchase either of these patterns while the Olympics are still on and you'll receive a 15% discount.

I have been planning a new kind of design for a while, what I have chosen to call Macro Editions. These are charted from only a portion of an artwork, concentrating on the detail and creating a smaller stitching project than the full sized design. These designs are not cut out from the larger pattern, but created in their own right to produce a unique project. In most cases, if the charted details of a Macro Edition are compared to the same portion of a full size design, the subject will be seen actually to be larger than the same part of the bigger chart.

Arthur Wardle's "The Lure of the North" is the first design to have a Macro Edition. The full sized design shows the whole painting, while the Macro Edition focuses on the mermaid and one polar bear.

The Lure of the North - Arthur Wardle
The Lure of the North - Macro Edition - Arthur Wardle

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