Monday, February 13, 2006

Drooling and Dreaming

Are you like me?

At the start of each month I travel around the websites of my favourite designers to see all their new patterns. I check the Hoffman site, my favourite online shops etc, all to see what's come out.

I don't need more stash and I can't afford more stash, but I can't help looking.

With the Nashville show having been on this weekend, now I'm hanging out to see what was released there. Hoffman have started updating, as has ABC Stitch. I'm still waiting for Stitching Bits and Bobs to begin. Many of the images aren't great quality yet, but they still give a pretty good idea.

I don't really like the naive or colonial looks that are really popular right now, which is probably a good thing, since it saves me from even more stuff to want and not be able to have.

So far, there are two main designs that I'd really like to have, and several others that I think are rather nice.

Irish Blessing Sampler
The Sweetheart Tree

Christmas Guardian
Black Swan Fantasy Faire Ornament

1 comment:

fudgey said...

YES!!!! I do exactly the same thing, and have also been checking out to see what is appearing from nashville..
and nor do i like alot of the naive and colonial style stuff that is popular of the reasons why i didn't preorder the fantasy faire stuff just incase it was all that style..

i love the irish blessings one Kerry