Tuesday, February 14, 2006

IDK Progress

I haven't got a lot done on The Ice Dragon's Kingdom - the same old story; just too tired - but I have finished the border and made a very small start on the clouds. I found today that I'd left out a row early in the first sweep of cloud, but I can't face undoing it all and restitching it, so I'm going to fudge it instead. Because it's clouds, I don't see that it will make any major difference to the final piece. I suspect it will be one of those cases where I'm the only one who knows the error is there and can find it. In fact, as I planned out where and how I would fudge it, I came to the conclusion that even I may not be able to find it again once everything is stitched and finished.

1 comment:

fudgey said...

ah yes fudging in clouds and backgrounds and such places is always fine... i would never frog things like that, just a bit of creative stitching usually gets things back on track...

am looking for ward to seeing your progress