Monday, February 27, 2006

Finished up on IDK for now

I've finished up with stitching on The Ice Dragon's Kingdom for now. I'm pleased with the progress I've made and I'm thinking I may make this a focus piece until it's finished. I've now taken it off the Q-Snaps and put Defender of the Kingdom in instead.

I ended up getting 3 of the 4 trees done. Each one is a big amount of solid green and they all took surprisingly long to stitch, so I'm pleased with my progress.

I've asked Dave to take a photo of it for me. With those almost invisible clouds, I thought I'd let him muck around with the camera settings since he knows his way around the arcane instrument better than I do. Much as I'd like to do clever photography things, I acknowledge that I'm a "point and shoot" person.

Watch this space for a picture.

1 comment:

fudgey said...

I am a bit like that about the digital camera paul uses from work.. pretty much if i can't scan it theses days there is nopicture.... which is a pain as i want to take pics of the animals... but they won't lay flat on the scanner bed....

can't wait to see a pic...