Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm melting

I suddenly realised that a large part of the reason I don't feel like stitching - or doing much of anything really - is that is is so horribly hot. It's humid and sticky and generally unpleasant. It's exhausting and my fingers swell with fluid in hot weather, so that they are tight and a bit uncomfortable, so that doesn't make stitching appealing either. I have managed to finish the top third of the pattern for The Ice Dragon's Kingdom, although that isn't a third of the actual stitching as there's more empty space at the top than anywhere else. I'm not working on the first of the trees, but with stiff fingers it's slow going. I'll take a photo on Monday as that's the end of the Olympics and my spell of stitching on this project.

HAED's Defender of the Kingdom is making a lot of noise at the moment, demanding my attention. So unless something starts to shout even louder in the next day or two, she'll be next.


fudgey said...

ick on the hot weather stitching..
but i have a question... does this mean you won't get this one out again until next winter olympics? and as an extension of that how many winter olympics will it take to finish!!!

i loved your winter olympics chart release tooo

Kerry said...

Ha ha very funny.

No, I will be getting it out again before the next Winter Olympics. That was just my excuse for going back to it. Or a reason to pick it or something.

It's likely to be the only thing I finish this year, so be sure I'll be going back to it. I need at least one finish in a year. I'm not a serial starter and while I'm not a one-at-a-timer either, I do need to get things finished.

Stitchie Kiwi said...

ha! if you're lucky the southerly that hit us briefly this pm might make it to you guys up in D...kl ... I mean Auckland ROTFLOL.

I know what you mean though - I hate the heat, I'll be quite pleased when summer is over :)

Look forward to seeing your next update!