Sunday, April 23, 2006

Latest Layout - Uh Oh

Marcus has three things he can say clearly - bye bye, no and uh-oh. Since these are understood, he uses them a lot. He's also just started adding a hand of the mouth gesture when he says uh-oh. It is totally cute even if it isn't always appropriate to the circumstance. While we were down in Palmerston North, I caught him on camera doing it. It's not the best of photos, but the moment was so cute I just had to use it.

Journalling ~
15th April, 2006

While riding on the tricycle at Granny Pam's, Marcus stopped to tell Mummy "uh oh", even though there was nothing wrong.
Credits ~
Background and brad from " Shining Star" by Melany Violette; letters and tag from "Love this Boy" by Carrie Stephens; coloured stars from "Lucky Star" by Gina Cabrera; frame and pin from "Views" by Lauren Bavin

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fudgey said...

so cute.. the look of surprise/horror.. is there a word that combines both of those...
is perfect.. he has it down pat..
welldone having the camera handy