Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Window Shopping

I've finally found time to go and take a look at the Online Needlework Show and I discovered that, fortunately for my bank balance and sanity, that it has actually closed. That let me window shop safely. Here's the goodies I liked...

Yin Yang from The French Needle
Livres Chat Rouge from The French Needle

Tiffany Roses from Tapis-Tree
Poppy and Asters from Tapis-Tree

Frog by My Mark
Never for Granted by My Mark

Don't Bug Me! by The Sweetheart Tree

1 comment:

fudgey said...

yes well..
The two from the french needle are written on the pad by my computer to be put on my wishlist they were the 2 stand outs for me when i looked the other day...
they are gorgeous, especially the kitty sitting on the books..
i already have Don't Bug me on my wishlist..
love the tapestry's too..
great taste kerry