Saturday, April 01, 2006

Looking for a baby pattern

I've recently heard that Marcus is going to get a cousin in October. (My SIL had the first scan yesterday and all is looking good.)

I'd like to stitch something for the baby, but it will need to be something I can get done in time. I'd rather have something a little "classy" rather than "cute". Also gender neutral or able to be customised at the last minute as they still haven't decided if they want to know the sex of the baby.

I wondered if some of the nice sampler designs out there these days (like Long Dog and Papillion and those guys) has something for a new baby?

I would welcome any suggestions please.

(I had a great birthday yesterday, including stitchy presents and I'll post an update when I have enough time to get together pictures to go with it and that sort of stuff.)


cathymk said...

I think Beinvenue (spelling!!) by Longdog is supposed to be a baby sampler. I think European XS has a picture for you. It's a quaker.

Anonymous said...

This Baby Pattern is gorgeous and I guess you could knit only parts of the outfit as time allows.