Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quick note before the Sleep Monster gets me

Hooray, I have finished those stupid trees on part 7 of Alpine Seasons (let's not think about how they are mirrored in part 8). If all goes well, I hope to get the part finished this week.

I have stayed up way, way, way too late working on a scrapbooking layout. Three Australian designers have put together a lovely kit in blues and browns as a fundraiser for Cyclone Larry victims. Over at
Clikchic Designs, they're having a challenge to use the kit for a layout - and thereby encourage people to buy the kit as well. I admit I hadn't planned to do anything, then an idea struck and it was perfect. I think I've got it how I want it to be, but it's so late now that I'm going to let it sit overnight and look at it again with fresh eyes in the morning.

It's really weird, because I only have a basic idea when I start working with the photos and elements - when I started this one the photos were the last thing I did as the inspiration was all abut the wording rather than the images - but somehow I muddle around and get what I want. It's very satisfying - and quicker than stitching!

Don't worry Stitchers, I'm not going to be seduced away to the dark side, I'm just going to keep flirting with it a bit.

I'm loving my reread of Tinker as well.

If I could just turn the rest of the world off for a little bit, it would be perfect. Oh yeah, and get well, and have the housework magically done and the dinners cooked and... Okay, I'll stop now. Clearly I'm overtired and raving.


Jennie said...

I know *exactly* what you mean about starting with a basic idea. I usually start by perusing my many files of photos and pick whichever one (or group of them) appeals. Then I choose a background paper and throw the pics on it and build it from there. I have a few pages that I've saved and haven't done anything with, because they haven't "gelled" - I know when a page is finished because it feels like it all just falls into place if that makes sense. And the magical thing about digiscrapping is that you can muck around till your heart's content finding things that work.

Nicki said...

Yay for finishing those trees!!!