Monday, April 24, 2006

Wow, just wow!

I called around to see Nicki today (okay, really I called around to see her finished Alpine Seasons).

I'm only just picking my jaw up off the floor now. I looks so totally amazing. She has done a fantastic job and it looks stunning on her choice of fabric. I know she was a bit worried about the fabric colour, but it looks fantastic.

She showed me her progress on The Token as well and that is very pretty - and so tiny as she's doing it over 1 on 32-count.

I am now inspired to get back to my own Alpine Seasons. Not necessarily energised I am forced to admit, but certainly inspired.

Beautiful, beautiful work, Nicki.


fudgey said...

i'm jealous, i would love to live near someone who completed a chatelaine so i could go and ogle at it..
licky girl kerry, i can only inmagine how lovely it looked IRL

fudgey said...

arghhhh that would be lucky girl not licky girl and imagine not inmagine...sigh

Kerry said...

No, you can't imagine how wonderful it looked. It was totally amazing.

Nicki said...

I've only just seen this :) Bloglines was playing up :( Thanks Kerry. It's in the post now *gulp* I'm missing it!