Monday, June 19, 2006

Defender of the Kingdom - 19th June 2006

Defender of the Kingdom - 19th June 2006
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Wow, a stitching update at last!!!

I've been slogging through all the navy blue and I'm very tired of it. Still, I've done all of it on my second half page (I'm working in horizontal half pages across the full width).

I was going to do some more Dawn Star once it was done, but now I want to see how it will look with another colour added in, so I'm thinking I'll do another week on Defender instead.


Christine said...

Go on ! you'll make it !

Nicki said...

It looks lovely! I'd be tempted to keep on with it too. You could always do a bit of hair if you're fed up with blue - isn't that bit in the middle the top of her head?

Oh - and no, you don't need a black & white chart ;)

Nicki said...

PS You really don't need a black and white chart because the Pompeiian Garden piccie is up! I think I love it! Oh dear.....