Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm stitching!

It's taken two weeks, but I finally picked up my needle again today and I've added a grand total of about 30 stitches to Defender of the Kingdom. I'm very happy just to have the stitchy urge back again.

In the meantime I did a whole bunch of layouts and I'll try to get organised enough to put them up here. I've also been working on finding the best options for getting my layouts printed so I can put them in a album. I sent off a couple of files to an online printing service yesterday and hopefully I'll have them back early next week to see how they came out.

I also faced up to finishing the next bands in the Friendship Sampler Round Robin. I didn't like the colours in this one, and then I made a mistake (okay, I didn't read the instructions) for the divider band and had to pull it all out when I was almost finished. I left it for a week or so while I built up the enthusiasm to do it again. It was done last night, so I'll take a photo shortly.

I'm fairly good at taking the photos, but not so keen on transferring them to the computer, resizing and uploading them. Considering how easy it all is with a digital camera compared to the days of prints and scanners I don't know why I'm so slack.

I have a bunch of photos of Joan D. Vinge from the SF Con on the camera that I need to get off as well. One of the Scrapmommies challenges this fortnight is "my favourite things" and I'm planning to do a layout about books by focusing on the day at the con and meeting Joan. I really do need to get over my bad habit of procrastination. Maybe tomorrow.

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Nicki said...

Yay! Good for you :) Is that RR the one you showed Anne and I? Don't blame you for putting it off...

By the way, I'm working my way through the Dark Hunter books from the library (your fault!). Love them. Please may I go on the list to borrow Dark Side of the Moon when you get it? (I know there are others who are on the list already!)