Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Layout - Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Drawers
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Here's me at three!

I now know where Marcus gets his smug little look that says "look how clever I am even if you don't think I should be doing this". It's exactly the same as the one I'm wearing in this photo.

Everything is from Lynn Grieveson's Island Blues Kit.

The details, including the journalling, are on the Flickr page so follow the link for those and the fullsize image.

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Christine Doyle said...

You have some amazing layouts!!! I have never scrapbooked, let alone do the digital aspect of it, simply because I have never really liked the look of it. Your layouts, however, are inspiring!! Would you have a link or two which can explain the how-to's of digital scrapbooking (which is most appealling to me) for an absolute beginner?