Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Release - Morgan Le Fay

Hey, go me! I finally got a Character Creations new release out.

This is Morgan Le Fay by Johanna Pieterman.

She's the companion to Morgan, Part II (and finally explains why my first Morgan is called Part II - she was the second version drawn by Johanna, but was stitched for me first). I'm really pleased with how she's turned out.

I am so very frustrated, as I have so many good ideas, so many wonderful artists and so many boring old "housekeeping" tasks that I want to do for Character Creations. The problem is that with my health (both the CFS and the depression which is playing up on me just a bit right now), Marcus and moving house in 2½ weeks I just don't get anything done.

Yesterday, I was imagining what it would be like to be able to sit down at the computer for a working day and just get stuff done. I could achieve so much. Except that I can't. Even on my best health day with Marcus off at daycare, the longest I could probably sit down and maintain any kind of concentration and achievement would be about 2 hours. So I guess it's no wonder things never progress as fast as I would like and I always have way more ideas than I can keep up with.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the first official UK death from CFS?


You can read the young woman's story here.

fudgey said...

as i said in my email i love her...
you really are a talented charter...
you really do inspire me when i am down i just remember how hard you battle and keep on coming up with wonderful work..


Carol said...

oooo, Morgan La Fey is beautiful - congratulations, she will do well for you :-)

Andie said...

Thats awesome Kerry!

You are SO inspiring!