Saturday, June 03, 2006

Layout - Grommets Defined

The second of the grommets layouts.

20th April, 2006
1. Small teflon tubes inserted into the eardrum to allow air to pass through it into the middle ear to alleviate the hearing loss and pain that can occur with repeated ear infections, a condition sometimes known as glue ear.
2. Soft toy monkeys given to all children who receive grommets at Gillies Hospital

Background from Kim Hill/CG Essentials; alpha from Dictionary Decoupage Alpha by Miss Mint/Peppermint Creative; flowers from The Simple Florist by Jen Wilson; arrows from Book Bag Essentials by Gina Cabrera/Digital Design Essentials

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Jennie said...

I love this - such a cute picture of Marcus and the colours are great. I especially like the alphabet used for "grommets". :)

LynnG said...

Gorgeous page. My Maddie has grommets as well. Has been wonderful for you - hope you find the same!