Thursday, May 17, 2007

Personal TBR Challenge - One down for May

I did it. I've read one of the books I challenged myself to read for May.

I finished Song of the Beast by Carol Berg today. I really enjoyed it and rated it 8/10. The ending was just lovely and the story was different and clever.

It did have a couple of issues - mainly that the pacing was a little spotty and that she used multiple first person narrators and I don't think that was as well managed as it could be. (I'll try to do a more details review later.)

But I still really liked the book and I'll be reading more of Ms Berg's books. In fact, since my favourite bookstore is having books for sale at 10% off for the next month because the New Zealand dollar is currently so strong, I've ordered Transformation, the first in her Rai-kirah series.

Book obsession, I bow before you. You are strong and I am weak.

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