Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two Down

I just finished a second book for my personal May TBR Challenge.

I've finished Queen of the Darkness by Anne Bishop and I absolutely loved it.  A total 10/10 read. I may or may not get to do a more detailed response to it late, but for now I'm just going to rave a bit.

It was a brilliant conclusion to the problem.  And I nice way of having a solution without a devestating war and without turning the story totally unrealistic as the whole farm boy saves the world while the armies are poised thing so often can be.

And Jaenelle and Daemon.

What a beautiful, beautiful love story, told in such a nicely understated way that it didn't need the kind of explicit detail generally offered in a romance novel.  While I enjoy a good romance novel (and some sex in it too), this touched me so very, very much more.

I'm totally in love with both of them and I want them to be happy forever.

Not surprisingly, Dreams Made Flesh, with it's further glimpses into the world (and one about Jaenelle and Daemon I understand) is now at the top of my TBR pile.

Although I think I want a small break before going on to anything else, so will go back to Venetia in the meantime, until I'm ready for the next one.

I jsut want to savour this wonderful series a bit more first.

People were raving to me and telling me to read it and I didn't believe them.  Everyone, I was wrong.  You we right.

If you like excellent fantasy and you haven't read Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy, go and do it.  Now!

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Nicki said...

You've made me want to reread! :)

You need to read The Invisible Ring too :)