Monday, May 21, 2007

Visiting Aunty Barbara

Visiting Aunty Barbara
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How do you know when you buy too many books? When you're heading off for a Sunday drive and your three year-old asks to go and visit "Aunty Barbara".

Aunty Barbara is actually Barbara ******, aka my pusher and occasionally even my pimp, although that last one may be a bit backwards. She and her husband Peter run my favourite, and lifesaving, bookshop. They import SF, fantasy and romance books from the US, most of which are never released through the New Zealand local publishing market. Barbara keeps me up to date with my favourite authors and series, as well as keeping me permanently tempted by new offerings.

Marcus has been going to visit Barbara's Books since he was a tiny baby just out of hospital, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he recognises the way to Aunty Barbara's. And I admit, I'm not going to complain too loudly about going there.

And Marcus' opinion? "Aunty Barbara drives a red car."

She must be a good person then, mustn't she?

Notepaper from "Just Need to Write Down My Thoughts" by Lauren Grier; paper flowers from "Paper Flowers" by Dani Mogstad; dragon stamp from "Prince Edward" by Katie Pertiet; round flowers from "Tiny Flowers" by Misty Cato; everything else from "Be Inspired" by the Sweet Shoppe Designers and Gina Miller; font is KGD Kirsty Script.

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