Monday, March 10, 2008

Ooooooo, Books!

I got a wonderful package in the mail today. Yay, new books!!

After having it recommended on a mailing list, I got Rhapsody from the library and enjoyed it so much I found a copy for myself on eBay and bought the next three in the series as well. I'll probably get the last two as well. I'd thought Rhapsody was long at 650 pages, so I was a little disconverted to see that the next three are even fatter. I haven't dared check the page counts yet.

I borrowed the books in Kage Baker's wonderful Company series from a friend and loved them, so I've slowly been working on getting my own copies. The earlier ones had been hard to find but have been reprinted in the last couple of years, so Mendoza in Hollywood is another to add to the collection. Not counting the short stories, I just have two more to get now.

I bought the anthology Lace and Blade because it has a story by Catherine Asaro in her Lost Continent series. Being something of a Catherine Asaro fangirl, I try to collect as many of her books as possible, so added this to my most recent Amazon order.

And lastly, the one I plan to start to read tonight, Anne Bishop's Tangled Webs. This is a new book in her Black Jewels universe and I've heard lots of good things from the people who have already read it, so I'm eager to start it myself.

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