Monday, March 24, 2008

Some new book covers up

I tend to have great intentions that sink slowly as I get tired. One of those for me was to actually put up a cover a day on my A Cover a Day blog. Since I last posted there last October, you can see I haven't been doing so well. All the same, I still have plenty of covers sitting on my hard drive and would like to share them.

So three have gone up today, my cover infatuation reinspired by the lovely new releases of some of the Mary Stewart books (I haven't managed to find full size images for all of those yet, but they'll go up once I do).

Take a look and write me rude (but please not nasty) messages if I start slacking off. Uploading a single picture a day really shouldn't be that hard.

ETA: Okay so it turned out those ones I just posted weren't new. I'd posted them before and not removed the files from the main image directory. I'll keep trying. But not today. It's time for me to head for bed (horribly early you'll note if you check the time stamp on this post, but that's CFS for you).

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