Sunday, March 30, 2008

Drive By Comments on February Books, Part 2

The Last Twilight - Marjorie M. Liu
Dirk and Steele, Book Book 7; 9/10

I really like this series. It's not simple - there are all sorts of complicated characters we've met but don't have enough information about to understand who or what they are, there's a twisty world and over-all plot that is still only being hinted at seven books in and the darkness can certainly be dark - but for each individual novel there are also wonderful, strong characters and a solid story and developing relationship.

In this case, the hero is Amiri who can change shape into a large cat (I can't remember which one right now, please let me know). We met him Shadow Touch where he was a prisoner of the evil Consortium. Having been resuced he has joined Dirk and Steele and finds himself assigned to protect a doctor investigating a possible Ebola outbreak in Africa. Not keen to return to the continent of his birth and capture, he goes anyway and soon finds himself on the run and falling for Rikki. Rikki herself is another strong Liu heroine with her own past and scars (both literal and figurative) who finds great strength in herself and her growing relationship with Amiri as both must face their pasts to survive in the present.

I have to say that I found Amiri a very sexy character and I think that while it was mostly Liu's writing, the shadowy figure on the cover was a definite influencing factor as well. Lucky Rikki. I also really want to find out just what Rictor is and what he's up to and involved in. He's probably Liu's most mysterious character and she keeps tossing him into the story, surely to tease her audience.

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