Sunday, August 26, 2007

I am just gutted

I finished making all my strip sets for the quilt on Friday.

Yesterday, we took Marcus out to a park that was near a quilt shop so that I could get a new blade for my rotary cutter (I wanted it to be cut really nice sharp edges when I started putting the strips together). Yesterday afternoon I cut up a couple of the strip sets, but didn't want to overdo it, so let the next ones for today. (And yes, the new blade was nice and sharp as the nick on the side of my thumb shows.)

This morning I started on the next one.

I had already used the old cutter to take a single strip off each of the first two sets because I wanted to see how the squares came together, so I already had a little bit done.

I cut the next strips, lined one up beside my sewn piece to see how it looked and stopped. The pattern didn't look right. I looked again. Definitely not right. So I checked the book. I was right. I'd make up the strip set as it told me to.

I looked further through the instructions and noticed that the next time the strip showed up it was different. THE SEWING INSTRUCTIONS IN THE BOOK ARE WRONG!!!!!!!

So I have four 110cm long strip sets that have their CENTRE strips sewn in the wrong fabric. I'm either going to have to undo each one and sew in the correct strip, or cut it up and pull out a square and sew in a new one on every one of 64 strips. I think the former method will be the least trouble, but I've already cut 10 strips off the mains strip set and those will be a lot more fiddly to fix. I am NOT a happy camper right now.

So I shall heed Marcus' very loud demand for a drink and come back to the problem later. I can't deal with it right now.


Erin said...

Kerry, that stinks! I am so sorry. I hope you have enough fabric to fix it properly!

Nicki said...

aaargh! That's just terrible... So frustrating...

fudgey said...

well that sucks,
i can't imagine how frustrating that would be..
I hope you are going to contact the designer, that is so unprofessional, as crafters we rely on them to get it right in the instructions!!
hope you were able to resurrect it