Tuesday, August 14, 2007

LO: Faces of Pamela

I haven't done any scrapping lately, but finished this one the other day and I'm pleased with how it came out.

The photos are a proof sheet from a photo shoot my grandparents had done of my mother when she was a little girl. So I didn't have to take all those photos and put them in a frame - it came that way.

Last year I scanned a whole lot of old family photos for my mother to preserve them and I brought home a copy of the scans folder as there are some great pictures there of both family I know/knew are great grandparents and beyond that I didn't. I want to save that family heritage and I plan to ask my mum to write some journalling for some of them so we can have the details of what they were about saved along with the photos. Happily my grandmother wrote on the back of a number of them, so we do have dates and details for at least some of them.

Background paper from "Peekaboo Glitter" by Tracy Ann Robinson; flowers (recoloured) from "Artlines 7 Flowers" by Tracy Ann Robinson; butterflies from "Schipp Schnapp" by Sausan Designs; ribbon (recoloured) from "Really Big Ribbon" by Natalie Braxton; glitter from "Glitter Paint Splats" by Christina Renee; barcode from "Everyday Romance" in the "This Love" collection by Dani Mogstad; fibre by Linda GB in "In Vogue" from "Scrap Artist".

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