Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Triple Irish Chain

Many years ago (probably about 7 or 8), I bought a book in a sale about making Irish Chain quilts using the strip piecing technique. I love Irish Chain quilts and always wanted to make one and this looked like a good way to do it.

A while later I bought the 15 metres of fabric I would need to make it in queen size. Then it sat in a drawer (or a box or wherever I kept my patchwork fabric at the time) and I never got myself organised enough to make it.

A while later again, I got engaged. Ah-ha! I thought. I'll make the quilt as a wedding quilt. However, it turned out that moving away from home and planning a wedding were quite enough for my energy stores and once again I never started making the quilt.

This October it is Dave and my fifth wedding anniversary. And I have finally started the quilt. I'm not giving myself any kind of deadline, so I don't expect it will be done for our anniversary, although I will be delighted if it is. I've been doing some sewing on it tonight, and I decided it was time to take some photos.

Here's my fabric. The teal dragons will be the background (ie the centre of the squares), with the green spirals as the first chain, the blue as the second and the silver as the centre chain.

My fabric, my calculations and the quilt in the book that I'm inspired by.

Sewing the strips.

So far I have one set of strips and the first one done for the second set. Once I have four sets (that will be 14 lots of strips in all), I can make the first set of blocks.


Erin said...

Wow, Kerry, that is going to be stunning when it is finished! I can't wait to watch the progress on it.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I love the colors that you have chosen.