Friday, August 31, 2007

I finished reading... Naked in Death

Naked in Death by J. D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts)

It is the year 2058, and technology now completely rules the world. But New York City Detective Eve Dallas knows that the irresistible impulses of the human heart are still ruled by just one thing-passion.

When a senator's daughter is killed, the secret life of prostitution she'd been leading is revealed. The high-profile case takes Lieutenant Eve Dallas into the rarefied circles of Washing-ton politics and society. Further complicating matters is Eve's growing attraction to Roarke, who is one of the wealthiest and most influential men on the planet, devilishly handsome . . . and the leading suspect in the investigation.
I love this series and recently hooked a friend on it (cue evil laughter), so when I was mucking around trying to decide what I wanted to read next, I decided to reread this, the first volume in the series.

It was both fun and interesting to reread. I have such a terrible memory (mostly due to my CFS) that I usually can't remember the "whodunnit" in a crime or mystery novel. For once, I actually could, but it didn't really matter as this read was all about rediscovering the beginnings of a couple of my favourite characters.

Counting the short stories, Robb is up to about book number 27 in this series now, so the relationship between Eve and Roarke, while always showing new facets, is very well established for me. It was fascinting to watch them meet, find themselves attracted, but not yet have the kind of trust and familiarity for and with each other that I am used to from the later books. Mostly, it was fun to see, atlhough there were moments that felt jarring simply because they were establishing their acquaintance and their relationship. Here, Roarke is a stranger who is a suspect in a series of murders; it is totally right that Eve shouldn't trust him, yet when she doesn't I wanted to get angry about it along with Roarke, because to me she should.

This newness/familiarity contrast was there for other now well-established characters as well. Mira is simply a consultant here, not a friend. Peabody and McNab aren't in the book at all. Nor is Leonardo, although flamboyant Mavis is as bright and wonderful as ever.

I really liked my reread and I think I may try to slip in some more from the series, even if I have plenty enough new books to read. If, like me, you've read the whole series and don't know what to do while you wait for the next one (I'm number 22 out of 66 holds for Creation in Death at the library) I highly recommend going back to the beginning. The murder plots are still good and rewatching the relationships between the characters, especially Eve and Roarke, is wonderful.

Naked in Death
J. D. Robb

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