Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Character Creations Update


14 May, 2008 - Bulletin Board, Gallery and Designer Update
We have a new bulletin board than also includes a gallery. Also an update from Kerry about recent lack of Character Creations activity.

I wanted to take a moment to let people know what has been happening with Character Creations, since if you're a regular visitor you're probably aware of a lack of updates in the last few months. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and this means that I'm always working around health issues. I also have a four year old son and sometimes his and our family needs use up my energy and leave little left for Character Creations.

I always fill orders and keep up with commission payments to my artists, but occasionally - as the last few months have shown - that means I may not be able to get any new designing done. I have decided to set myself a goal of one new design per month as an achievable target, and if it is a good month and I get more done, that's a bonus for everyone.

I am always here and will answer email as well - if you don't get an answer from me mail again as your message may have been eaten by my spam filters. I also hope the new bulletin board and gallery will help me stay in touch with you even when the designing slows down.

Yes, finally we have a bulletin board again. The link to it is back on the sidebar or you can jump to it directly at It will be a work in progress as we discover together how we best want to use it, so feel free to make suggestions for new forums or any other options you'd like us to investigate. This board software includes a gallery module that we've also set up. So now you have a place to share your pictures of your Character Creations projects.

Anyone who has registered for the Bulletin Board has the option to set up a user gallery and I hope you'll do that so we can see your stitching. You can read the board without registering, but you do have to register to post. Please come along and help us make ourselves a community.

I am planning for a May chart release shortly, so keep an eye out for that too. Unless I change my mind, it will be a lovely mermaid from Nicole Cadet.

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fudgey said...

yay so glad to read the BB is up again..
i will go check it out..
i will go do a blog entry myself and let everyone know and the thought of a new nicole cadet chart is pretty exciting!!
i think with managing a boisterous 4 yo that one chart a month plus dealing with orders is a massive achievement minus the cfs.. so i think you do an awesome job!