Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekly Geeks - Week 2

Dewey's suggestion for week 2 is to commit to including links to other reviews of the same book in your book reviews.

Although I'm struggling with the whole reading and reviewing thing at present, I think this is a great idea. So I'm willing to go with it. In future, when I post a review (sorry, at the moment I have no idea when that will be) I'll add a request on the bottom that anyone with a matching review leave a link in the comments. I'll then edit my review post to add any links I get sent. I think this should be a great way for potential readers to get a more rounded idea of a book, since no two people look at the same book the same way.

1 comment:

Marg said...

I am pretty much doing this going forward as well. I have too many reviews to try and go backwards and add a load of links to them.