Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wind-Up Book Challenge

I actually try very hard to avoid book challenges as I alreaady get stressed enough about my TBR as it is. However, when I saw this one it was too good to leave alone.

Check out all the details here, but basically the idea is to pick books that were started before 1 May, 2008 and have had at least 50 pages read. Then aim to finish them between 15 May and 15 November, 2008.

I currently have three books mocking me from my Library Thing book list, all of which were started before 1 May, 2008. I admit that two were only started in April, but the third was started in October, 2007. That one is doing the mocking thing really, really loudly. So they will be my books for this challenge.
  • The Spring of the Ram - Dorothy Dunnett
  • Prophecy - Elizabeth Haydon
  • The Vor Game - Lois McMaster Bujold

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